Three Colorado studies show how tumors hijack the immune system to resist radiation therapy

Tregs turn off the immune system. Nixing them may help immunotherapies target cancer.

Irinotecan breaks cancer cell DNA – AZD0156 keeps the body from repairing it

CU study: AZD0156 with irinotecan works better against colorectal cancer models than irinotecan alone.

Colorado drug takes aim at cancer metastasis

New drug tested in mouse models “dramatically suppresses breast cancer associated metastasis,” writes CU study.

The Rise of Early Onset Colorectal Cancer

A rising number of colorectal cancer diagnoses in young people is an unsettling trend

Colorectal cancer is not an “old person” disease

Jimmy Zannon was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer at 38 years old…

Latest News from the University of Colorado Cancer Center

Is your melanoma hot enough for immunotherapy?

Is your melanoma hot enough for immunotherapy?

Tumors with mutations in genes leading to over-activation of the NF-kB signaling pathway were more than three times as likely to respond to anti-PD1 immunotherapy compared with tumors in which these changes were absent.

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