“Miracle drug” helps patient with recurring prostate cancer find his inner-poet

Clinical trial gives patient with recurring prostate cancer more time.

From hours to live to thriving: Johnna’s story

Johnna was near death when she arrived at the CU Cancer Center. Now she is living the life she always wanted.

ASCO: Finally, a tool to predict response to chemotherapy before bladder cancer surgery

“The idea is that for any individual tumor, its gene expression could tell us whether the cancer will respond to a certain kind of chemotherapy,” says Thomas Flaig, MD.

ASCO: Sexual health interventions after treatment are an unmet need for gynecologic cancer patients

“We have the opportunity to meet an unmet need with our patients,” says Lindsay Welton, MD candidate, first author on the study.

ASCO: Phase 1 clinical trials benefit patients with aggressive ovarian cancer

Phase 1 clinical trials a good option for patients with difficult ovarian cancer.

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