New mental health challenges for cancer patients during COVID-19

“By the time a patient diagnosed today finishes their treatment, maybe we’ll all be ready to get back to our lives.”

Colorado study overturns ‘snapshot’ model of cell cycle in use since 1974

CU study shows cells don’t depend on a snapshot to decide whether to replicate – it’s more like a movie.

Experimental medication to prevent heart disease may treat chemo-resistant ovarian cancer

Benjamin Bitler, PhD Most ovarian cancer starts in fallopian tubes. Then it sloughs from its site of origin and floats around in fluid until finding new sites of attachment. It’s not easy for cancer cells to survive away from their moorings. Observations by ovarian...

Study: Despite failures, chemo still promising against dangerous childhood brain cancer, DIPG

“The results were surprising and encouraging,” says Adam Green, MD.

In new role at CU, Jamie Studts works to reduce stigma blocking use of lung cancer screening

His challenge: to help navigate a paradigm shift in the way we prevent, diagnose, and treat the disease.

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