Start the Conversation About Fertility Preservation Before Beginning Cancer Treatment

Patients and Oncologists need to join together to increase conversations about oncofertility when diagnosed with cancer.

CU Cancer Center Effort to Link Underrepresented Patients with Leukemia with Cutting Edge Treatments

New effort from the CU Cancer Center aims to link most vulnerable populations in Colorado with cutting-edge leukemia treatments.

Multi-organizational study aims to improve outcomes of minority children with brain and central nervous system tumors

Minority children diagnosed with brain and central nervous system cancers have worse outcomes than their white counterparts in the United States. A CU Cancer Center study aims to better understand these disparities, as well as develop ways to reduce the burden of disease in these populations.

Increase in Cancer Deaths Predicted Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

CU Cancer Center leadership is bringing attention to the fact that people may die from preventable cancers because of the pandemic’s interruption to the health care system.

St. Baldrick’s Grant Aims to Better Understand Aggressive Pediatric Cancer Type

New grant aims to find new strategies against rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer common in children

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