The University of Colorado Cancer Center Education Working Group kicked off its monthly “Lunch and Learn” series in December with a lively presentation on “The History of Cancer” given by Christopher Lieu, MD.

Lieu is  the CU Cancer Center’s deputy associate director for clinical research. Lieu spoke to a full house of nearly 80 research and administrative personnel in the Fitzsimons Building’s Bushnell Auditorium.  His talk spanned the ages, all the way back to the oldest recorded case of cancer in ancient Egypt through today and our modern diagnostic tools and targeted therapies.

Christopher Lieu, MD, CU Cancer Center's deputy associate director for clinical research

Christopher Lieu, MD, CU Cancer Center’s deputy associate director for clinical research

The treatments given to patients were whatever was available at that time in history including barbaric tools used for surgery with no anesthesia. People with cancer were subjected to bloodletting to cure their disease. They also were isolated from loved ones because there was a time when cancer was thought to be contagious.  LIeu also addressed the current treatment methods including chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy..

The Working Group surveyed CU Cancer Center employees to select presentations that were of interest and would be most worthwhile. The group will host a monthly “Lunch and Learn” on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  A light lunch is provided to attendees, and Continuing Education Units are available to those requesting them.

If you are interested in receiving the CU Cancer Center’s educational opportunities, email CANCER-CENTER-EDUCATION@LISTS.UCDENVER.EDU. 

Our next speaker is Thor Johnson, MD, PhD, an interventional radiologist and an assistant professor in the CU School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology. Johnson will address how interventional radiology contributes to cancer treatment trials. The talk is at noon on January 16, 2019 in the Bushnell Auditorium.