LOI Deadline: October 22, 2012

More details at: http://www.conquercancerfoundation.org/advanced-clinical-research-award

The ASCO Cancer Foundation supports educational programs of the highest quality in cancer care and prevention; facilitates the dissemination of information about cancer and cancer treatment to patients and their families; and, through its grants program, supports, encourages, and recognizes excellence in clinical research in the field of oncology.

The Advanced Clinical Research Award (ACRA) in Breast Cancer is intended to support proposals with a patient-oriented focus, including a clinical research study and/or translational research involving human subjects. ASCO’s definition of clinical research is “hypothesis-driven research that employs measurements in whole patients or normal human subjects, in conjunction with laboratory measurements as appropriate; on the subjects of clinical biology, natural history, prevention, screening, diagnosis, therapy, or the epidemiology of neoplastic disease.” Proposals with a predominant focus on in vitro or animal studies (even if clinically relevant) are not allowed.

The grant is funded at the level of $450,000, paid in three (3) annual increments of $150,000 per year on July 1, 2013. The grant includes $137,000 per year to support the research project, $2,500 per year for travel related to the project (including the ASCO Annual Meeting), and $10,500 per year (or 7% of the yearly total award amount) for overhead or indirect costs. Grant funds may not be applied to patient care costs that are reimbursable by a third party payor.