Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, along with lung cancer survivors Jim Brown and Lisa Goldman at the “Simply the Best” Gala in San Francisco, photo taken November 12. 2016

The University of Colorado Cancer Center’s director of thoracic oncology has now joined a short list of lung cancer experts honored with the “A Breath Away from the Cure” Award.  The award, presented by the Lung Cancer Foundation, acknowledges individuals for excellence in oncology, coordinated treatment, care and compassion for those with lung cancer. 

Ross Camidge, MD PhD, CU Cancer Center investigator and the Joyce Zeff Chair in Lung Cancer Research, received the award in San Francisco at the 11th annual “Simply the Best” Dinner and Gala in November 2016. 

“Our whole clinical and research team in Colorado are committed to living up the title of this award – to work tirelessly to move us closer and closer to curing this disease,” said Camidge. “In the month of November, when many men grow beards and moustaches to support men’s cancers, it’s important that lung cancer is included in that list of cancers since lung cancer kills more men than prostate and testicular cancer combined.”

The Addario Lung Cancer Foundation is one of the largest and most prominent lung cancer advocacy organizations and in addition to supporting patients and caregivers with lung cancer, acts to drive increased public awareness of the disease and fund research.

“We have been working with Dr. Camidge almost since our inception in 2006. He is simply ‘One of the Best’ in treating lung cancer today, ” said Bonnie Addario, lung cancer survivor and CEO of the Foundation. “ Couple that with his research and the fact that he is always putting his patients first and he is one of the best in the lung cancer field today.  We are honored to work with him in and out of the clinic to bring the very best in care and research to patients.”

In 2012, Camidge also was recognized by the Lung Cancer Foundation with the 2012 Addario Lectureship Award which recognizes leaders in the quest to eradicate lung cancer.