Victor Villalobos, MD, PhD

Victor Villalobos, MD, PhD, University of Colorado Cancer Center member and director in the division of sarcoma medical oncology, was recently named the medical director of the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office (CCTO).

“I was humbled and honored to be considered for this position and am excited to further expand my role within the leadership of this well-run organization,” says Villalobos. “I look forward to working with our remarkable CCTO team to further expand our ability to offer novel, exciting, and state-of-the-art clinical trials to patients throughout the Denver metro area in an efficient and effective way.”

Villalobos specializes in the care and treatment in patients with sarcomas, or tumors that arise from soft tissue or bone. He also is part of the Developmental Therapeutics team, which allows him to investigate other treatment options rather than standard chemotherapy.  As the new medical director of the CCTO, Villalobos will help support and direct the on-going mission of the CCTO, to perform high-quality clinical research and to continue to standardize and operationalize processes in the CCTO that are important in the conduct of safe and rigorous clinical trials throughout the UCHealth system.

The CCTO supports the success of clinical trial research at the CU Cancer Center. A clinical trial is designed to answer questions about new treatments or new ways of using an old treatment and how well they work in people. Clinical trials are conducted after many years of research in labs and testing on models before they are used in humans. Clinical trials often give hope of new therapies and treatments for patients with cancer.