Pierce Brosnan attends an advance film screening of National Geographic' film "Great Migrations" at the World Bank

Pierce Brosnan calls ovarian cancer the “insidious disease” and helps to launch new Dream Team to fight it.

Last Friday evening, Pierce Brosnan made an announcement during Stand Up To Cancer’s (SU2C) bi-annual telecast that touched close to home for the actor who lost his first wife and his daughter to what he called an “insidious disease” – ovarian cancer. Fitting to be announced during National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Mr. Brosnan shared the news of SU2C’s creation of a new ovarian cancer dream team.

Locally, non-profit HERA Women’s Foundation has pledged to make a substantial financial investment to support the efforts of the Ovarian Cancer Dream Team, according to Samantha Lockwood, president of HERA’s board of directors. “Joining forces to fund the science of this new Dream Team will further HERA’s mission to stop ovarian cancer,” said Lockwood.  “We’re proud to be part of an advocate community with the common goal to stop the suffering this disease has on everyone it touches and to save lives.”

Founded in 2002 by Coloradoan Sean Patrick, who lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 2009, HERA is committed to investing a minimum of 85 percent of the funds they raise each year to programs that provide research, awareness, education and community support for ovarian cancer. The SU2C ovarian cancer dream team is one such program.

“We are thrilled to see so many ovarian cancer organizations coming together with a common goal,” said Calaneet Balas, CEO of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. “We are so grateful that organizations like HERA share our vision and our hope of discovering more effective treatments. I believe the Ovarian Cancer Dream Team will be paradigm-shifting for our community, and I cannot wait to see what comes from this new initiative.”

Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all the gynecologic cancers. Almost 22,000 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014, and more than 14,000 women will lose their lives to the disease. By collaborating to fund an Ovarian Cancer Dream Team, the participating organizations will further research in the field that can lead to new treatments that benefit patients.

The timeline for the creation of the Ovarian Cancer Dream Team will begin later this month, with the solicitation of ideas from researchers and scientists worldwide. The announcement of those selected to join the Dream Team will be next spring, with research beginning in July 2015.

* This announcement was adapted by materials provided by our good friends at the HERA Foundation.