The University of Cancer Center has received authorization from the National Cancer Institute to refocus our existing six research programs into a four program structure.  The revised programs will be Cancer Prevention and Control, Developmental Therapeutics, Molecular and Cellular Oncology, and Tumor-Host Interactions.  This revised structure better reflects the research focus of our members and strengthens the programs by uniting investigators with similar research interests within the same program, as well as providing new opportunities for intra- and inter-programmatic collaborations.

In addition to the revised program structure, the CU Cancer Center is pleased to welcome several new program leaders, including Jennifer Richer, PhD, Mike Verneris, MD, TinTin Su, PhD and Eduardo Davila, PhD.  The leadership for the revised programs is:

  • Cancer Prevention & Control (CPC):  Myles Cockburn, PhD and Rajesh Agarwal, PhD
  • Developmental Therapeutics (DT): Lia Gore, MD, Dan Gustafson, PhD and Antonio Jimeno, MD PhD
  • Molecular & Cellular Oncology (MCO): Joaquin Espinosa, PhD and TinTin Su, PhD
  • Tumor-Host Interactions (THI): Jennifer Richer, PhD, Mike Verneris, PhD, and Eduardo Davila, PhD

CU Cancer Center members and their program assignments: