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Aurora, Colo. (Feb. 19 2010) The University of Colorado Cancer Center is testing the effectiveness and safety of a new anti-cancer pill in patients with a type of advanced non-small cell lung cancer called ALK positive lung cancer.

What is ALK?

ALK, or anaplastic lymphoma kinase, is a gene. In some lung cancer tumors, the ALK gene is rearranged in a way that drives tumor growth.

  • About 5% of non-small cell lung cancer tumors are ALK positive.
  • However, ALK is much more common in certain types of patients.
    • Adenocarcinomas
    • Never or light smokers
    • Tumors without other specific mutations (EGFR, KRAS)

Who can be in the trial? How does it work?

  • To be eligible for this trial, a special test has to be done on a patient’s tumor biopsy to see if it is ALK positive. In addition, eligibility is also determined for this and other clinical trials by meeting with one of our expert lung cancer physicians.
  • CU Cancer Center’s world-class lung cancer physicians practice at University of Colorado Hospital on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo. If a biopsy specimen is available, CU Cancer Center will test a sample of the patient’s tumor for ALK free of charge.

What else is important to know about participating in CU Cancer Center clinical trials?

  • Charges for clinical visits, radiology scans and standard blood tests will be billed to the patient’s health insurance.
  • If the patient is uninsured or if the insurance company will not authorize care at CU Cancer Center/University of Colorado Hospital, the patient may be able to come to CU Cancer Center as a “self-pay” patient after authorization through our medical review process.
  • CU Cancer Center offers some of the most sophisticated molecular tests and one of the broadest ranges of clinical trails of new treatments for lung cancer in the World. If the patient’s tumor is negative for ALK, he or she may be eligible for other experimental treatments. Learn more about clinical trials and tumor testing at CU Cancer Center.

Read more about the ALK trials and see a list of participating centers on clinicaltrials.gov

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Contact Tiffany Caudill for information about this and other lung cancer clinical trials between 8 am and 5 pm Mountain time Monday-Friday. Phone: 720-848-0392.